The proper natural contour
Can we get back to reality with beauty PLEASE!?!?!?? 
March 10th 2016



          Ok, lets get right to it shall we?  The wonderful world of contour... Right!???!  Dab little dots on your face and play connect the dots, clown contour, sugar skull contour, flower contour.  What the hell else will Cosmo tell us the new "have to" contour will be?!!! It seriously pains me as a makeup artist to see this stuff!!! I know what you all are thinking ....We can get the cheek bones we have always dreamed of, and a  smaller nose without going under the knife! It sounds like every woman's dream come true.  Well as a makeup artist let me tell you, it is a nightmare!!

         Instagram has been giving everyone a false reality of what beauty is.  The IG "makeup artist" is far from reality.  There are filters, smoothing & brightening apps, perfect lighting an usually a 20 something wrinkle free girl on the other end of the camera!  Instagram and Youtube have an enormous amount of talented individiuals on there, but lets remember this key fact... They are usually only doing makeup on themselves, and they are either capturing their look with a camera or video recorder.  Everyone is so caught up in a certain celebrity family that they believe contouring, strobing and matte lipstick just came out!! This stuff has been around forever, but now we are caking on the foundation and concealer in hope we will look like Kim K.  Please put down the beauty blender!!!!! No wait, actually pick up the beauty blender and sheer that shit on your face down.  

                Lets get back to reality shall we???  This thing called highlighting and contouring has been around for ages. Contouring has become so popular that everyone is banking on all aspects of it. Now hi-lighting is called "Strobing"?  Of course it is, and the makeup industry is all over this because they can sell you 20 new Stobing products that you desperately need. Baking, ok I'm not even getting into baking, but let me just say if its not a cheescake then dont bake it ok???  Of course I love a little contour, but in a natural way.  Unless your job requires you to be on stage or behind a camera, there is no need to contour like you are a contestant for RuPaul's drag race. Basically, what this entire blog is about is that these heavy makeup looks are not everyday.  Makeup is meant to enhance, and yes I can make it do tricks.  I am not a plastic surgeon that can get rid of your lines and wrinkles because you chose the sun over your spf.  

                  Lets get back to beauty and far away an I mean FAR away from this heavy, caked on drag inspired look.  Lets strive to be beautiful on our own terms and not what the Kardashians are doing.  Btw anyone remeber the 90s?? Kylie Jenner did not invent matte lipstick people!! 

"Makeup class is so much fun! I wasnt good with makeup and now I feel like I know what I am doing!! Jacki gave great step by step instructions on how to achieve a great flawless face! Put my makeup on the next day with confidence and great tips!!" Joni Innocenti

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